Test Center


The University of Trento Test Center delivers exams for the certification but does not sell the Skills Card of exams directly.

Skills Cards and Exams must be purchased directly from AICA only through the "Acquista ICDL" widget, available for installation in the personal area of MyUnitn.

For the payment you will need to use PayPal.

The procedures for accessing the certification sessions will therefore be as follows:

  • Check the opening of the registration period (see session calendar); Any try of enroll outside of the given period cannot be despatched.
  • enroll for the session; (https://webapps.unitn.it/Apply/it/Web/Home/ecdl)
  • Make the payment immediately after completing the registration, using the "Acquistga ICDL" Widget, choosing one of the available kits. Registrations for which no payment will be made within 24 hours after registration closes will be automatically canceled.

Costs for students, administrative staff, technicians and teachers of the University of Trento:

Product name Content Cost Total amount to pay


KIT1 - Certificazione ECDL/ICDL Base N°1 Skills Card + N° 4 exams € 75 + iva 91,5 €


KIT2 - Certificazione ECDL/ICDL Full Standard N°1 skill card e N° 7 exams € 100 + iva 122 €


KIT3 - Completamento a Full Standard N°3 exams
(for those who have already achieved an ICDL Base Certification or already have a Skills Card)
€ 37 + iva 45,14 €


KIT4 - Esami di recupero singol exam € 20 + iva 24,40 €  
  • Payments made for the purchase of exams before 01/05/2021 must not be integrated;
  • Those who, despite having registered, do not attend the session or do not finalize their registration with the payment, will not be able to attend sessions for the following 45 days;
  • Priority will be given to those who have submitted a thesis application and have completed the exams or have other documentable urgencies;

ATTENTION: exams cannot be delivered with Syllabus 6.0 (Microsoft Office 2016) unless requested via email immediately after enrollment.

Exams in English can be delivered only with Microsfot Office 2010