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Starting from 1998 Unitn has decided to carry out the curricular tests of Basic Informatics using the ECDL (European Computer Driving License) programs and methodology.


By superimposing the ICDL modality to the Computer Science Test, students were offered the opportunity to add value to their exam. In fact, the ICDL has a value independent of the degree and can be included in one's curriculum regardless of the achievement of the degree.
For the Faculty of Law, credits are assigned

How to register for exams

The certification process requires, in order to begin, that an ICDL position is opened at AICA by purchasing a SKILLS CARD. In practice, it is a computerized "booklet" on which passed exams will be recorded, visible via the web.
Therefore, at the time of the first registration for the tests, together with the exams you wish to take, you will have to purchase the SKILLS CARD following the procedure as for any ICDL exam with certification release.

Faculty of Law

- Students of the Faculty of Law - Laurea Magistrale, can acquire up to 7 credits, from the optional credit group, by taking the exams of the ICDL chain. The credits are attributed, regardless of the achievement of the ICDL certifications, which include 4 ICDL Base modules and 7 ICDL Full Standard modules, in "packages" of 3 + 2 + 2, adding up the modules supported. Then, after having taken the first 3 modules (chosen from the first 4), 3 CFUs are awarded, by taking another 2 modules you will get 2 additional credits and so on up to a maximum of 7.
- For the CEILS degree course, 3 CFUs will be obtained after passing all 7 modules.

For the sake of simplicity, the procedure to be followed for registering for the ICDL exams is the one indicated for the "Paid Exams".

If, on the other hand, you already have a Nuova ICDL full standard certification (with the ACCREDIA stamp), just ask for recognition by following the link below to the relevant procedure.

Recognition procedure